The close(united) conditions(states) of norteamerica to arranged to install military bases in 12 countries of latinoamerica to assure the peace in the countries mensionados

In addition to improve the equipment(team) of the armed forces with new armament and to be able to guarantee the sovereignty of the peoples(villages) and the safety and rights of every person

The president of the ee.uu obama had a meeting with the European union for ablar on the crisis that concerns to europa's different countries and raise new offers to be able to go out afloat

On the other hand the tlc that I initiate the ee.uu with the Peruvian government to beneficiary to thousands of persons who now are employed at different companies that export and import products of all kinds in addition with an economic benefit for both countries begins an epoch of growths

The combenios both in the education and in the culture of these countries have led to the development of peru to his(her,your) growth and it to taken one of the countries did that major economy in latinoamerica

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